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Status on Pension Cases Submitted Under the Department :

Date of Receipt Name of Pensioner Designation Date of Retirement Establishment District Status Remarks
15-01-2016 Shri.T.Wangnao Konyak Medical Attendant 01-07-2015 C.M.O Mon Mon Submitted to A.G  
15-01-2016 Smti.T.Likalo Lotha Medical Attendant 01-04-2015 C.M.O Wokha Wokha Submitted to A.G  
27-01-2016 Lt.N.Sharma EX-Driver 04-01-2015 M.S Longleng Longleng Submitted to A.G  
04-02-2016 Smti.Mushem ANM 23-09-2010 C.M.O Zunheboto Zunheboto Submitted to A.G  
05-02-2016 Smti.Chhisuru Medical Attendant 01-07-2015 C.M.O Phek Phek Submitted to A.G  
05-02-2016 Lt.Puwe Kapfo EX-PMW 20-04-2015 C.M.O Pkek Phek Submitted to A.G  
11-02-2016 Shri.Bami Chang Medical Attendant 01-07-2015 C.M.O Tuensang Tuensang Submitted to A.G  
15-02-2016 Smti.Leelamma K.P ANM 31-08-2015 C.M.O Peren Peren Submitted to A.G  
16-02-2016 Smti.Lhipe-u Medical Attendant 11-12-2014 Sr.M.O Pfutsero Pfutsero Submitted to A.G  
22-02-2016 Smti.Ajanbeni Lotha FHW/ANM Gr-I 01-05-2015 M.S Dimapur Dimapur Submitted to A.G  
23-02-2016 Shri.Merentoba Sr.Pharmacist 31-08-2015 C.M.O Mokokchung Mokokchung Submitted to A.G  
24-02-2016 Smti.Nikono Nakhro Dy.MEIO 30-11-2015 C.M.O Kohima Kohima Submitted to A.G  
25-02-2016 Smti.I,Matsungla Ao FHW Supervisor 30-11-2015 C.M.O Mokokchung Mokokchung Submitted to A.G  
25-02-2016 Lt.Botoli Sumi EX-Ayah 11-10-2014 C.M.O Zunheboto Zunheboto Under Process  
26-02-2016 Lt.R.F. Lotha Addl.Drug Controller 11-10-2015 Dte. of H & FW Kohima Under Process  
29-02-2016 Lt.Thuyesayi Vasa EX-Medical Attendant 09-01-2015 C.M.O Phek  Phek Under Process  
29-02-2016 Lt.Neitsolie EX-Medical Attendant 16-032015 C.M.O Phek  Phek Under Process  

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