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Powers and Duties of the Department Officer


Name and Designation




 Dr. L. Watikala
(Principle Director)
Head of Department, Addl.Food Safety Commiossioner, Overall in charge & other official works not assigned to any officers

Dr. John Sweyievisa(Health)         

General Administration, Planning & Coordination, Confidential, Gazzetted Establishment, Non-Gazzetted Establishment, Dental Services, Drug Control Services, Nursing Services, Nagaland Medical Council Affairs, Transport, Accounts & Budget, Purchace, Store, Pension, Medical Treatment & M.R, Health Care Establishment, Department Assets, Legal Cell, RTI, NCD, NPCP, NCCP, NVBDCP, NLEP, TCCC, IDSP, AYUSH.


Dr. Bendang
(Family Welfare)



Family Welfare, Telemedicine, Nursing, IT, Engineering Cell, Supervision & Monitoring, Medical Education & Training, RCH, AYUSH, Family Planning, Nagaland Medical College Affairs, IEC, HMIS, ICMR, Statistics, UIP, PMTI, SPHL, NMHP, PPP, Disaster Management, NIDDCP, DDA, Disability & Rehabilation, Food Safety Cell, Telemedicine, I.T, Supervisory & Monitoring, RCH, Family Planning, IEC, HMIS, Statistics, UIP, NMHP, RNTCP, NIDDCP, Oral Health, DDA.



Dr. Yankho Lotha Mission Director NHM on Deputation


 Dr. Limaakum Jamir

Non-Gazzetted Establishment, Nursing Services, NLEP, IDSP, Nagaland Medical Council Affairs, AYUSH,  Gazzetted Establishment, Store, IEC, Pension, Food Safety Cell, Department Assets, QA.


Dr. M.A Wati
Non-Gazzetted Establishment, Nursing Services, NMHP & State Mental Health Institute, Nagaland Medical Council Affairs, Disaster Management, Disability & Rehabilitation, IT, Telemedicine Accounts & Budget, Purchase, NPCB.

Dr. Meguosielie Kire

 Project Director, NSACS (on deputation)


Dr. Nisietsolie (Dental) Dental Service, Medical Treatment & Re-imbursement (N.O), Oral Health, HMIS Report & Return, Epidemiology & Health Intelligence Statistics, Hospital Empanelment.


1. Dr. Vikeyie Losou (Addl. Dir Incharge Planning & Co-ordination, Health Care Establishment Act, PPP, Dte. Sanitation, PIO RTI, Attandence of Staff, Family Welfare, Medical Education & Training, ICMR, PMTI, SPHL, Engineering Wing, TCCC.
2. Dr. P.Tia Jamir Jt. Director, NSACS (on deputation)
3. Dr. Kevingulie Khro Family Welfare(SPO)/ Family Planning, PNDT, Legal Cell, Health Care Establishment Act.
4. Dr. Vizolie Suokhrie Project Director (NHP), Planning & Coordination, NCD, Nagaland Medical College Affairs, Matter relating to various Service Rules
5. Dr. Kevichusa Medikhru NVBDCP (SPO), IT, FSSA.
6. Dr. W. Punsokio Yimchunger NPCB (SPO), Nagaland Medical Council affairs, ICMR, NLEP
7. Dr. K. Tsememo Lotha RNTCP (SPO), Purchase.
8. Dr. Bendangmenla RCH (SPO)
9. Dr. W. Nchumbemo Ezung General Administration, Gazzetted Establishment, Non-Gazzetted Establishment, Store, AYUSH (SPO)
10. Dr. Visasieu Kire UIP (SPO)
11. Dr. Kechongol Sophie Communitization, NPHE, Nursing Services
12. Dr. H. Hotokhu Chishi Dental Services, Legal Cell, NTCP (SPO)
13. Dr. Vibeituonuo Mepfuo Jt. Director, NSACS (on deputation)
14. Dr. Atoshe Sema Addl. Project Director, NHP, World Bank (on deputation)
15 Dr. Thanghoi Lam S.P.O, NHM (on deputation)
16. Dr. Akuo Sorhie NIDDCP (SPO), Medical Education & Training
17. Dr. Kheshito Zhimoni Medical College Affairs, NSACPP, Purchase


1. Dr. Khriezotuo Paphino Dy. Director, NHM (on deputation)
2. Dr. Ruokuobeinuo Chielie Dy. Director, NSACS (on deputatioin)
3. Dr. Obanjungla RCH, NPPCD, & SH (SPO) MR Bills.
4. Dr. Keneiteiso Sorhie DDO Accounts (Sec - 6), Transport (Sec-7)
5. Dr. Vezokholu Theyo Dy. Director, NSACS (on deputation)
6. Dr. Tiasunep Pongener IDSP (SPO) (Sect-10), Medical Education & Training, RRT, MR Bills.
7. Dr. Puse Liegisie RSO, Medical College Affairs, M.R Bills, NUHM (SPO)
8. Dr. Ahu Sekhose NLEP (SPO) (Sec-16), Receipt & Issue/ (Sec-22), Office Staff Attendance, Nodal Officer to AG, MR Bills,
9. Dr. Kikameren Longkumer  Planning & Coordination (Sec-8), Health Care  Establishment Acts, RSBY, Service Rules, Medical College Affairs, MR Bills.
10. Dr. Khriesilie Sachu ARSH, RBSK, FSSA, MR Bills.
11. Dr. Hentok Phom Attached to Nagaland House, New Delhi.
12. Dr. Liemnyei Konyak NMHP (SPO), Medical Education & Training (Sec-5), Nagaland Medical College Affairs, MR Bills.
13. Dr. Vethihule Vero NVBDCP, MR Bills.
14. Dr. Theyiepherezo Dental Services, Nodal Officer to Secretariat, MR Bills.
15. Dr. Joel Koza Dy. Director, NHM (on deputation)
16. Dr M.C Longai Purchase & Stores, Hospital Diet & Washing, I,T, Telemedicine, MR Bills.
17. Dr. Nyanthung Kikon HMIS, HIB, Reports & Returns, M & E, Disaster Management (N.O), Disability & Rehabilitation (Sec-16), MR Bills, Empanelment of HUs, MR Bills
18. Dr. Akou Sorhie Attached to Nagaland House Guwahati


1. Dr. G. Razoukhrieo Rio M.O UIP, MR Bills.
2. Dr. Thomas Keppen Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, NHP (World Bank) (on deputation)
3. Dr. John Kemp SSO (IDSP), RRT, Transport, Health Care Establishment, Meshnet, MR Bills.
4. Dr. Seyiekhrietuo John M.O. AYUSH (attached)
5. Dr. Sao Tunyi Epidemiologist (NCD)


1. Smti. C.H.Henia Jt.. Director, Nursing Services.
2. Smti. Keduzulou Dy. Director Nursing Services.
3. Smit. Vilhoulenou Dy. Director Nursing Services.


1. Er. Fineson Pojar E.E. Medical Wing, Directorate Sanitation.
2. Er. Mathung Assistant Engineer - I
3. Er. Ketosu Soleho Assistant Engineer - II
4. Er. Myanro Ezung Assistant Engineer - III


1 Neingusa Yhokha Joint Director IEC
2 Smit Amenla Jamir Sr. Accounts Officer
3 Lipoktemsu Noksang Dy. Director IEC
4 Shri. W.H. Patton Dy. Drug Controller
5 Shri. M.I. Yaden Cold Chain Officer
6 Shri. Nokojungba Research Officer, Planning & Coordination
7 Shri. Aseno Sale (Registrar) Registrar/ Gen. Admin & Supervise works not allotted to any section
8 Smti Supongbenla Lemtor HETO (IEC)
9 Shri. S. Lithungo Asstt. Drug Controller
10 Shri. Tiatoshi Amer Asst. Drug Controller
11 Shri Atu Longkumer Sr. Entomologist (NVBDCP)
12 Smti. Nchumbeni Lotha Statistical Officer (Economics & Statistics)


1. Joint Director Nursing in consultation with the Seniors will assign responsibilities to the  
    Subordinate Officers under Nursing Cell with information to the Controlling Officers.

 2. Joint Director in charge Medical Education and Joint Director Nursing are to workout the 
    strategy for the Nursing Education for approval of the Authority.

3. Training Section (In-Service) are to work out the Annual Training Calendar for the In-Service 
     Nursing personals in Consultation  with the various Programmes Officers. The Annual Calendar
     thus prepared be routed to the Authority  for approval. 

4. Training calendar for the In-Service Ministerial staffs is to be work out by the section in
    Consultation with the Registrar for approval by the Authority. 

5. The detailment of the Officers for any In-Service Training has to be chalked out in Consultation
    with the General Administrative section of the Department so as to not hamper the normal  functioning of the Office. 

6. Deputy Director IEC in Consultation with seniors will allocate assignment to the Subordinate
    Officers under him with information to the Authority. 

7. Medical Education would include the following:

            1. Nursing Education for ANM, GNM, BSc Nursing, Post graduate study and research.

            2. All Para Medical courses including Pharmacist.

            3. MBBS,BDS,Ayush, B.Pharm,Diploma/Post Graduate studies and Research.

            4. Any other course pertaining to medicine within the preview of the Department


1.      All files should be routed through concerned Officer i.e. Dy. Director to Jt. Director to Addl. Director to Director and finally to Principal Director. 

2.      All cases of transfer, posting and appointments irrespective of different Health Programmes under DHFW should be routed through General Establishment/ Administration for streamlining. All such orders should be under the name and signature of Head of Department and no SD/- of Principal Director should be practiced. 

3.      All Accounts/Financial matters shall be routed through Sr. Accounts Officer. 

4.      All funds should be routed through concerned Directors for approval of Principal Director and disbursed through D.D.O. to assigned Officers.  

5.      All files pertaining to finance, Govt. policy, appointments, transfer and posting, legal and serious matters requires Principal Director Intervention and approval. 

6.      No Order/Circulars/Notification shall be issued without authorization of the Principal Director and Directors and SD/- should not be used unless it is approved by Principal Director /Directors. 

7.      All Health activities of the District Level are to be brought to the Notice of the Principal Director before it is issued/ circulated.

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Statement of categories of documents that are held by it or under its control



Name/Nature of category of document

Name of documents

Procedure to obtain document

Held by or under control of



General administration, appointment, promotion, transfer & posting, confirmation of service of all non-gazetted staff, maintenance of personal files of all officers and staff

Registrar, Establishment and PIO

Registrar, Establishment



Preparation of annual and five year plan documents, preparation of agenda items for national, regional conference, CSS, NEC schemes and negotiated loans, Mid-term appraisal to planning department

Superintendent Planning and PIO

Superintendent Planning



Bills & Cash, Budget estimates, revised estimate documents, GPF, TA and Tours, Medical Bills, Leave Encashment, Monthly Expenditure statements, reconciliation of expenditure, Audit and PAC correspondence

Superintendent Accounts and PIO

Superintendent Accounts


Health Programs

Files and records of program strategies and execution, annual action plans, logistics, monitoring & evaluation, public role in each program

Program Officers, Support staff and PIO

Program Officer and support staff



Files and records relating to purchase, maintenance and allotment of all vehicles

Superintendent Transport, support staff and PIO

Superintendent  Transport and support staff


General purchase (CMS)

Files and records relating to purchase of medicines, nursing sundries, equipments, furniture

Registrar, DDO (CMS) support staff and PIO

Registrar and support staff



Records and date relating to disease prevalence, treatment

Asst. Director (Stat) and Support staff

Asst. Director (Stat) and support staff


Civil Works

Records relating to all construction works including minor repairs, orders, sanctions etc.

EE (Medical) Support staff



Medical Education & Training

Records of Institutions, stipends, book grants, study leave and all kinds of training (Short and long outside the State)



. The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by the members of the Public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof :




Is there a provision to ensure public participation (Yes/NO)

Arrangement for seeking public participation


Communitization Programmes 





8. A statement of the Boards, Councils, Committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advise and as to whether meeting of those Board, Council, Committee and other bodies are open to the public or the minutes of such meeting are accessible for public.


      Under one to five (1-5), the public can gave advise and the minutes of the meeting are accessible for the public. Since the public are also the members of those Boards, Council & Committee. 6, 7 & 8 which are only for the Department of Health & Family Welfare.


1.      Nagaland state Population Council

2.      Nagaland State Homoeopathic Board

3.      Nagaland State Blood Transfusion Council

4.      Nagaland State Health Mission & Society

5.      Nagaland State AIDS Control Society

6.      State Medical Board.

7.      Purchase Board.

8.      Verification and delivery Board.

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