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National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme  (NIDDCP)       

Iodine Deficiency disorders is a term given to a group of diseases caused due to nutritional iodine deficiency. It is considered as the world’s single most significant cause of preventable brain damage and mental retardation today. Nagaland was declared as one of the IDD endemic States in India through a base line survey conducted by ICMR in early 1960’s where 34.3% of goiter prevalence was recorded.

Nagaland IDD Cell was established in 1987, since then, control and preventive measures were adopted through the programme division. Information on IDDs was also disseminated to all sections of the population through various agencies and Medias. More importantly, only iodized salt was supplied to the entire state for human consumption. All these exercises and control measures has brought about significant change in the behavior and attitude of the general population in regards to purchase, storage and consumption of iodized salt.

Some of the physical achievements made under the programme during 2016-17 are mentioned as under:

Achievement under NIDDCP 2016-17.


1)      Salt sample tested with STK by ASHAs        = 81,308

2)      No of salt samples tested by Lab. method     = 625

3)      Urine sample analyzed                                    = 1,980

4)      Awareness programme on IDD was conducted on 22/07/16 at CHC Tseminyu, under Kohima District.

5)      Awareness campaign with the Nagaland Adolescent Girls Club on 15/08/16 at Nagaland Social Welfare Board in collaborating with the state Resource Centre for Woman.

6)      2/9/16 meeting the staffs of Food and Civil Supplies at Dimapur.

7)      6/9/16 training on urban ASHAs on STK and awareness on iodized salt.

8)      8/9/16 meeting with stockiest/ food safety officer of Dimapur and Chumukedima.

9)      On 3/09/16, NIDDCP in collaboration with State Resource Centre for Women conducted an awareness programme with 181 Women Helpline (WHL) at the auditorium of Kohima Science College; Jotsoma.

10)  On 6/09/16, meeting with Food Safety Inspector and Salt Stockiest at Dimapur.

11)  On 22/09/16, NIDDCP in collaboration with Nagaland State Social   Welfare Board conducted an awareness programme with Nagaland Adolescent Girls Club at Government Middle School, L. Khel, Kohima.

12)  27/9/16, training of ASHAs at Medzhiphema block on iodine testing and importance of iodized salt.

13)  On 12/10/16, NIDDCP in collaboration with State Resource Centre for Women observed an International Day of the Girl Child 2016 at Regimental School Thizama, Kohima.

14)  Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention Day was observed on 21st October 2016 in all the 11 Districts and the state capital.

15)  Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention Day was observed on 21/10/16 in the state capital was held at Northfield School, Kohima.

16)  Awareness Campaign was observed with students from different Schools on National Girl Child Day on 24th Jan. 2017 at Capital Convention Centre, Kohima.



          III. Financial target:

Sl. No.



Unit (Rs)

Total (Rs)


Establishment of IDD Cell

  1. Salary:    







1.Technical Officer


2. Statistical Asstt.


3. LDA/Computer Asstt.


B. Strengthening State IDD set up


C. Monitoring and supervision of programme implementation by SPO and IDD staff on quarterly basis.

0.90 per quarter = 3.60


Establishment of IDD Monitoring laboratory

A.     Salary

1. Lab Technician







      2. Lab. Asst.


B. Chemical reagents, glassware’s and Lab. disposables such as uricane etc.




Health Education and Publicity

1.Consultative meetings of the stake-holders at various -State Levels








2. Consultative meetings of the stake-holders in 11 District



3. TE/DA & Contingency


4. Health education activities in  rural schools in district


5. Observance of Global IDD Prevention Day in State


6. Observance of Global IDD Prevention Day in District


7. Press Advertisement in major local papers in state


8. IEC component



IDD Survey

IDD Re-survey of 11 Districts




Salt Testing for 11 Districts and incentives to ASHA’s.

i. Cost of  STK for ASHAs

ii. Incentives for ASHAs for salt test @ Rs.25/- per 50% ASHA (850) per month for testing 50 salt samples.

iii. a) Cost & transport of salt below 15ppm approx. for 5 samples @ Rs.25 for 50% ASHAs (850)

    b) 20 Urine samples @ Rs. 95 per month per District

1700x20x10(CST 14.5%) = 3.40











                                                                                                                Total          = Rs. 80,07480/-

                               (Rupees Eighty Lakhs, Seven Thousand, Four Hundred & Eighty) Only.


























Vision Statement                                                                                                               Citizen Charter

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