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NRHM Helpline/ Health Helpline

                  In order to widen the utility of the JSY Helpline, the department has decided to rename the JSY Helpline to Health Helpline:

1.      To organise prompt referral services.

2.      To facilitate prompt delivery of appropriate care.

3.      To provide easy access to reliable health information.

4.      To facilitate Grievance Redressal.

5.      To report any unusual event such as outbreaks, accidents or disaster.

6.       To obtain hospital information such as availability of services, specialists, reservation for consultation or cabins.

7.      To facilitate networking between health units. 


         Framing of operational guideline completed.

         Manpower (Facilitator) in position.

         Procurement of hardware completed.

         Training of Facilitators on the software ongoing.

         102 Toll free number installed.

         Development of software (nagahmis) under trial.

o    nagahmis is a giant leap towards implementing e-governance in managing the entire gamut of health infrastructure for the state of Nagaland - nagahims is a Web-based, GIS-enabled Health Infrastructure Management System, created to manage the wide health infrastructure including human resources in the State.

o    nagahmis has a complete defined hierarchical structure of the State Administrative /jurisdictional units. It keeps track of different levels (viz. SC, PHC, CHC etc) of health institution with specific location details along with its administrative as well as health jurisdiction. Overall, health administration would seek to use Nagahims to take records on-line and transform Health information Management (HIM) at various levels of administrative units like District, Health Block, up to village level.

o    It captures the different category of Health Institutions (as per IPHS norms) along with details of all the services available at the health units like manpower, equipments (X-Ray, ECG), inventory status, etc. It keeps Health Unit wise/Department (General/ district Hospital) wise patient registration (OPD/ IPD).

o    A citizen centric service introduced by NRHM, Nagaland-Health Helpline, a 24 x 7 call centre support (toll free ) for facilitating health services to the people as and when required by them. The GIS Map linked with Google Map helps to track the ambulances attached to the Health unit and provides information on the nearest facility with referral transport available for the patient.


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