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This Charter seeks to provide a framework, which enables the users to know:

 1. General Hospitals: 

SERVICES PROVIDED: Hospitals provide Medical Care to all patients who come to them, and services depend on availability of resources and patient’s condition.

COMMON INFORMATION: Hospitals are provided with beds, doctors, nurses and other attendants. Out-Patient Department (OPD) is open during OP hours Signboards are fixed at all strategic points for guidance.

 EMERGENCY SERVICES: Duty doctor is available with the nurses in emergency room round  the clock for treatment of emergency cases. Treatment of serious cases  gets priority over usual  paper work like Registration, Medico-legal  equirements, etc. and the decision rests with the doctors.

OUT-PATIENT DEPARTMENT: Timing is from 9.00 Am. to 1.00 Pm. for all general patients.

INDOOR TREATMENT: Free diet is provided to all inmate patients in Hospitals above 12 beds Staff nurses are on duty round the clock in the wards. All admitted patients should contact the nurse-on-duty for any medical care.Thoughthe infrastructure and system of operation are sound and ideal, and in line with the National Health System, the management of most of the health institutions faces difficulties due to shortage of skilled manpower.

FACILITIES AVAILABLE IN DISTRICT HOSPITALS:   In all the District Hospitals, emergency care is  provided free but the patients buy some medicines. The facilities available are X-Ray, Ultra Sound Scan, ECG, Recorder, Clinical Laboratory, Blood Banks, Wheel chair and Ambulance services. 

Diet:   Dietary services are provided to indoor patients in all the District Hospitals free of cost. 

Naga Hospital Authority, Kohima (NHAK):

This is a general hospital with a bed strength of 250, which provides medical care to all outdoor and indoor patients. It is located West of Kohima Town along the National Highway No. 39. Doctors wear white coats and nurses are in their uniform. 

Emergency Services: 

                                     Casualty services and emergency duties doctor are available round the clock. Emergency operations are done in Operation Theatres (old). There are two Operation  Theatres in NHAK. 

OPD Services: 

 General Medicine, ENT, Skin, STD, Leprology, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation,  Orthopedics, Surgical, Gynecology, Pediatrics and Ophthalmology. Specialists in various disciplines are available for consultation on all working days, except on Sundays. 

      Laboratory Services: Clinical Pathology and Biochemistry. 

      Radio Diagnostic Services: X-Rays, Ultra sound examination. 

      Indoor Patient Services: 

There are a total of 3 blocks accommodating 250 indoor patients, and free diet is provided. Admission in the hospital is done depending on the case of the patient under different departments. Visitors are allowed at specific visiting hours. Staff nurses are on duty round the clock in each block.

Other Facilities: Wheel chair, Ambulance, Private Pharmacy, Toilet, Private PCO.

Responsibilities of the Patients: The Hospital is a ‘No Smoking Zone’. 

Refrain from demanding undue favors from the staffs and officials. Provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions. The Hospital is under a legal duty to keep your records confidential. 


a) TB (Tuberculosis) HOSPITAL

TB Hospitals render the following main services:

Health check-up, diagnosis and treatment, laboratory investigations/services are carried out both for outdoor and indoor patients, including dietary services for indoor patients. The TB Hospitals at Khuzama and Mokokchung, where trained doctors are available, mainly provide these services.


The one State Mental Hospital situated at Aradura Hills in Kohima deals with mentally ill persons, including their families. The Hospital has outpatient department as well as indoor facilities. Mentally ill patients are provided with medicine, ECT and Psychotherapy, including follow-up treatment and emergency services. Awareness programmes are also conducted to remove social stigma attached to mental illness.

The services are provided through Medical Officers who are Psychiatrists, and nursing staffs working in the hospital. However, the hospital needs improvement both in facilities and services.


Blood Banking and Blood Safety have the responsibility to store and provide safe blood to the needy patients, especially during accidents, child deliveries, anemia, cancer, and in major operations, and any loss of blood.

Blood Banking provides these services:

Blood Grouping

Blood Storage

Blood Screening

Blood Donation Camp


                         Motivation and Counseling.

The Centres for such services are located mainly at Naga Hospital Kohima, Dimapur Civil Hospital and Mokokchung Civil Hospital. Other District Hospitals are yet to be equipped with suitable facilities, which require adequate funds. However, due to the increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS, greater attention is being given to strengthen blood-banking services so as to render the services more effectively. 


a) Sub-Centre Level: Mother and Child Health Care: Pregnant women are registered by ANM’s, and given ante-natal care during the period of pregnancy. Complicated pregnancy/delivery cases are referred to District Hospitals. ANM’s know about MTP, issuing condoms and guide reproductive women for postponing the next pregnancy. ANM’s are available at Sub-Centres to treat minor ailments and immunize the children in the village itself. 

b) Primary Health Centres/ Community Health Centres Level:

Primary Health centres have 6 beds (in some PHC’s, 12 beds) for in-patient’s treatment, with one Medical Officer. 

Medical Officers are available to treat patients 24 hours in a day. Blood smears are taken to know the malaria positive cases. Deliveries (childbirths) are conducted at the Primary Health Centres.  


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